HP 711 3-Pack 29-ml Mag Ink Cartridge PN_CZ135A

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รหัสสินค้า: V61AAA002F513

แบรนด์: HP
รุ่น: CZ135A

HP 711 3-Pack 29-ml Mag Ink Cartridge PN_CZ135A


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Technical details

Color(s) of print cartridges                                                Magenta

Ink drop                                                                              5.5 pl

Compatible ink types                                                          Dye-based

Operating temperature range                                           41 to 95°F

Storage temperature range                                              -40 to 140°F

Operating humidity range                                                  10 to 90% RH

Storage humidity                                                                 10 to 90% RH

Package dimensions (W x D x H)                                        4.52 x 1.77 x 3.94 in

Package weight                                                                    ~0.4 lb

Warranty                                                                               Until the “Warranty Ends” date has been reached or the warranted usage
                                                                                               limit has been reached, whichever occurs first.

What's in the box                                                                 3 ink cartridges

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