Microsoft Bluetooth Mouse Model RJN-00029 : Mint

เจ้าของสินค้า: December18
รหัสสินค้า: V61AAA002F014

แบรนด์: Microsoft
รุ่น: RJN-00029

MS Bluetooth Mouse Bluetooth XZ/ZH/KO/TH Hdwr Mint


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จำนวนสินค้า: 20 ชิ้น

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Connection interface
Bluetooth® Low Energy compatible 4.0 / 4.1 /4.2/5.0
Wireless frequency
2.4 GHz frequency range
Wireless range
33 feet (10 meters) in open area; up to 16 feet (5 meters) in typical office environment
Microsoft Windows 11/10/8.1
Device must support Bluetooth® 4.0 or higher
100.4 x 58.2 x 38.3 mm
78 g including batteries
1 AA alkaline battery (included and pre-installed)
Battery life
Up to 12 months1
Matte Black, Pastel Blue, Peach, Mint2
1-year limited warranty
Technology details
Mouse tracking system: Red tracking
Imaging rate: Dynamically adaptable to 4000 frames per second
X-Y resolution: 1000 points per inch (39.4 points per millimeter)
Tracking speed: Up to 30 inches (762 millimeters) per second
Product feature performance
Mouse button features: 4 buttons: left, right, wheel, power (press >3 seconds to pair)
Scrolling features: Modern wheel for vertical scrolling and button clicking
Advanced features: Swift Pair for easy mouse-to-computer pairing3
Customisable features:4 X-Y resolution adjusting; wheel button function reassignment; left and right click swap; wheel customisation; battery level reporting
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